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When I use Skindinavia, I know the talent's makeup will look great no matter how long the video or film production schedule is. A lot of makeup setting sprays have been introduced since Skindinavia appeared in 2005 - and I've tried most of them. But I always return to my holy grail, Skindinavia Original Makeup Finishing Spray.
- Kevin James Bennett, - Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist & Industry Expert
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Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray is going to set your makeup, so you don't have to worry about sweating or looking imperfect throughout the day.
- Stephanie Flor, Makeup Artist, Educator and founder of Around the World Beauty
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Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing spray Bridal is in all of my kits and doesn’t leave my side at a wedding. It will secure the makeup integrity for a full day … on the beach, in the city … anywhere!
- Aga Rhodes, Luxury Professional Makeup Artist
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Skindinavia goes with me on every job because I know I can always trust it! Sets makeup beautifully but is still flexible enough for me to go back and touch up if needed 10/10.
- Jake Able, Professional Makeup Artist and Educator
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I first learned of Skindinavia products several years ago. I fell in love with them then and am still in love. Skindinavia sprays are part of my go-to-products while working on set; as well as in my personal life and for my private clients. I especially like the products for quick touch ups by spraying on a brush to smooth out foundation. Skindinavia delivers every time.
- Marietta Carter-Narcisse, Educator, Makeup Artist & Beautypreneur
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